Social Living


Spanish people, in my experience, are  warm, friendly people. I remember returning to the school from Christmas holidays and receiving hugs from all the teachers. People ask about your life out of a natural curiosity. I see fellow Spaniards meeting each other for the first time and really striking up an easy human connection. In the streets people stop to talk to one another. Departing from the locker room every time I finish swimming you say ‘adios’ or ‘hasta luego.’ It would actually be strange and awkward to exit without saying a word.

It’s interesting because I guess that you begin to ‘catch’ these tendencies off your surroundings. I regard myself as more of a lone ranger, I think I always will be, but more and more I see myself inclined toward doing things with an orientation toward social planning, an inclusion of other people, and to share moments with others. There is something very fulfilling and nice about doing things in this way. On top of this, you really can build a life around futbol. The EuroCup is running at full steam and we have just seen Spain advance to the next round (although they didn’t exactly push Croatia around now). There is futbol almost allll year round. Never had much of an interest in it, but the social element that surrounds it makes it a lot of fun and you would be a little lost in society here without some working knowledge and conversation bits on the sport.

City living has so many huge advantages too as you can make so many plans on the spot without having to worry about transport, time, etc. I love it here. Now to start thinking about my living for the Fall…..


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