The Only Constant is….Change


So the saying goes. It is an entirely other matter for us to be able to accept this facet of life. Something that I think we all instinctively resist at times. Survival mechanism? The familiar is more comfortable? I used to idealize a sense of permanence about my earthly station here. To collect a set number of ‘always-there’ friends, to have a good sense of what it all means, to figure it all out, to have a complete sense of security, to have all the answers, to be a constant Conor…pffft, this ain’t happening ANY time soon. What liberty we receive when we reach this understanding. 

I say this because I found out this week that the gorgeous, God-send of a house that I JUST moved into is being sold. What a shame, eh? It’s about as good as it gets here. On top of that, so much of my next few months are undecided. It’s crazy! Aspects of this situation add a bit of pressure to one’s living, but I kind of love it…it is exciting, it’s exhilirating. All we can do is ‘ride the waves’ (Tom P) and see where they take us. There are five of us as housemates here. One housemate has just bought a house in Sevilla where he is from and is going to set up what I know will be an excellent life for himself there. Another companion goes to a new apartment in Madrid so they will be near by. The remaining three of us would like to stick together. We will see if that shall come to pass. I am meeting a lot of people now that I am here in Madrid and have been very, very busy. I can’t complain. Here’s to the unknown future! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

PS: The only constants I can really think of off my head would be my family (the absolute people whom we must must must give our all to. I am still learning this.)…God….ourselves…maybe our best friends…in general it’s all so unpredictable. We could lose everything we have in a minute. I think this is an important thing to always keep in the back of the mind. 


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