We Know Him By His Colourful Ties


Is Fall now descending upon Spain? The month of April has been a mimicry of the weather that I remember from my vists to Ireland. It’s unreal. Rain is here almost every day. The month of March often had some summer-like days, but this April has just been cats and dogs. I kind of like it in a way. It’s comfortable and it has a certain emotional effect on the whole ambience of the country that I find curious and intriguing. Anyway, I am drinking lots of tea and am craving all the Autumn flavored drinks and foods of New England in…April in Spain. Such is life.

It was just brought to my attention that my entire tie collection consists of bright colors and patterns. My colleague joked the he can tell I’m coming from all the way down the hall due to these ties. Very funny actually. The end of my university days pretty much consisted of the same tie-die t-shirt for a couple of weeks straight with my clan of gypsy friends.  Of course I also have more subdued clothing; I have a series of dark ties for formal/serious events. I prefer not to wear them at work. When you’re working with children in an elementary setting, I feel my colourful ties just contribute to the silly character I sometimes try to be with them. It sets a fun, encouraging tone. It also makes me happier during my own work day to see bright, stimulating colours.  How do you feel? What does your clothing say about you? Can you use it to convey yourself in a certain way? How do you do this?


About conorjbyrne3

I have started up this blog in anticipation of my upcoming year-long teaching position in Spain. I want to be able to record the highlights of the experience so that I can share with everyone back home!

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  1. Great question and got me thinking. What does it say about our household in Rockaway that we painted the living room a brilliant soft green on the main walls, contrasing with the sharper green on the left as you enter. All we need now is white and gold and next we’ll be back in the auld country!
    See you soon Conor.

    Blessings in abundance!

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