Itchycoo Park


I think I am going to have to rename the local garden here “Itchycoo Park.” I promise that any visitors that I receive will be taken to said Itchycoo Park. The green, the color, the birds, the windy paths, the waterfalls, the pond, the hills…it blows my mind. It’s all too beautiful. 😛

There is not too much to report about. I have continued with the intercambios and I have been using the rest of my free time hanging out, studying, reading, writing, or watching a movie. It’s a pretty simple life overall. I like it. I have been especially enjoying my time at the school in the past week for some reason. Just a sense of joy for the most part. I know the students pretty well now and you can have a lot of fun with activities. The teachers are all cool people too…lots of jokes and good comradery it seems.

I definitely feel that I have learned a lot from the experience so far. I better appreciate human relationships and cooperating with other people, relating to another culture, teaching children a foreign language, speaking a second language, living independently, paying bills…just a bunch of life details I had not thought about before. Anyway, it’s all starting to come together now…it’s just a matter of piecing together my August and forward….

Mom and Dad visiting in just about two weeks so that is very exciting and I’ll be meeting with someone from NJ whom I haven’t seen in a very long on Tuesday. Many things to look forward to and so with that in mind I am mostly taking it easy on crazy living for the time being and just focusing on my reading/writing and future projects. It’s a fulfilling feeling at least.

And…I’ll succumb and post some pictures of this park! Check out the photos page. Peace for now. Thinking of you all!


About conorjbyrne3

I have started up this blog in anticipation of my upcoming year-long teaching position in Spain. I want to be able to record the highlights of the experience so that I can share with everyone back home!

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  1. I’m delighting in your posts, most especially that you title them after rock songs from the boomer generation AND that you’re so drinking in all the opportunities that come your way. It’s all I’d hoped for you and more!

    • Hi Diane, thank you so much…the only thing missing is that I can´t pop into the tutoring center for midday visits!! But so far so good here! I am sure you all must be very busy as the semester winds down.

  2. We might have to stay longer than planned. Madrid is starting to sound like paradise. We’re all packing up here.
    Mom and Dad

  3. One could argue that it is a paradise. When I am in Itchycoo Park, pfft, I receive my bliss and peace. You guys might want to stay two weeks! Does anyone else want to join from the United States?

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