If only I could insert an Amy Winehouse song title to kick this off…


…I simply can’t. But I can say that I have been listening to her like crazy. I’m a total post-humus Amy fan, which gives me a lot of shame at times, but I guess better late than never. I watched a documentary about a visit of hers to Ireland after her ‘Back to Black’ release and she just came across as one of the most charming, adorable, soulful, real humans you could have ever met. Can’t say I have the whole story, but dang is it a shame to lose her. Anyway, she, Adele, and Bruce (cheers for future albums! tears for the lack of Clarence), stand as my music representatives here in Spain outside of the Spanish music I’m trying to consume.

Week 2 was fine! Slightly big changes as my role in the school has evolved a bit. I now exist in Andel to be full-time assistance in the classrooms. This is a change from last year. Although I had cooperated in developing activities with other teachers, my English Assistantship was usually utilized in isolation –  a special event for the students in the assembly room every few weeks. I will now be in the actual classrooms every day to develop English activities with teachers during the reinforcement period. I am happy to hear this as I feel it provides further opportunity for me to develop my professional capacities. Furthermore, how fun! And additional integration into the school! I’ll keep you posted on it.

Madrid hosted its annual ‘Fitur’ these past few days. I was fortunate enough to attend due to free tickets courtesy of my flatmate’s brother – three cheers for connections! The event is a promotion of tourism across the globe. Literally hundreds of countries send representatives to this event, exhibiting food, music, drinks, giveaways, to spark interest in visiting the country. I got a kick out of visiting the United States and Ireland to say, ‘hey, I’m one of your bretheren!’, haha, but a lot of my most memorable visits were in the Middle East. I was able to speak with citizens of Iran and that was just absolutely fascinating…plenty of topics were off the table, but hey what an opportunity to gather and expand perspective. Israel had a really fun upbeat music display and the man leading the band got the crowd involved a lot, drawing in children to play instruments – really funny. Fitur was awesome.

Other than that, I am spending my time to concoct my short-term and long-term life plans. Oh how I love it here in Spain, I just need a somewhat strong reason to stay…(like love).


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