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Long Overdue Update (and Hello!)


To all my avid readers, hehe, many apologies for my silence here on the blog. My life here has continued to grow more and more busy (a good thing I would say), and the Internet only arrived to the apartment on Friday! I had been updating in locutorios (internet shops) and at my family’s house when I had the opportunities. NOW, I should be able to return (and stick) to my original plan of weekly Sunday updates. Of course, this all begs the question, what have I been up to? I’ll present a quick run-down list:

– A solo adventure to the city of Cuenca. Magnificent, magical. I had a conversation on the train with the hostesses about the pronunciation of ‘would’ and talked about travelling. My next 24 hours were spent making friends with an Australian (who directed me to a very low-price, comfortable hostel). The city is absolutely charming, very small…the lighting at night is breathtaking and the views are to die for. Google it! I loved crossing the bridge, walking the camino to the Corazon of Jesus (with a view of everything!). Getting a ride to the train station with a very kind family…it was fantastic. I had wanted to get out into Spain on my own and this trip was proof that I can AND that my Spanish is sufficient enough to get around and even strike up friendships!

– Toledo today. Mass at the Cathedral to kick off Advent. Needn’t say much more. Had a fun time with my flatmate Miguel and his friend Estela. Got some great shots! This city is comprised of three cultures – Christian, Muslim, and Jewish, so I find it very interesting and would like to return.

– Tutoring! Wow am I busy with my tutoring hours now. It is fantastic and I am very grateful. I have nine students, so after my school hours I travel around the neighboring areas to work with students who range in age from 7-14. For me, 14 is a great excitement and joy because you can really start ‘teaching.’ Not to say I don’t love working with kids, but from a language perspective you can really dig into English, have conversations, teach grammar, etc…Also very interesting is that I get offered anything from water to coffee to even beer from the families! And to drink beer and tutor is perfectly ok here (according to the opinions of the teachers I have asked). I think I’m going to avoid it if I can, but my point is that the families are very kind, relaxed, and pleased to have a native speaker as a tutor. It makes my job a lot easier to have their faith in me!

– Trying to really just become a part of the community now. My language is sufficient. I must expand my vocabulary a thousand fold, but I’m doing ok. I’m trying to decide on whether I should join a dance club or theatre group. They both sound like fun ways to meet people so we will see. I have also looked into the gym here, but not sure how social an opportunity that is.

-Missing Thanksgiving! Ah that was a shame, a rough one, but my family here put a Thanksgiving together which meant a lot. Pangs of homesickness in my new life from time to time, but hey this is life.

Hasta luego!